Promote and grow your membership program with our online loyalty system. No other loyalty program can integrate with your POS and grow your business like the Zen Global Loyalty System. Our card based system can be implemented to reward your customers with either a discount or points structure and is completely managed online. Zen is your most effective marketing tool.


• POS or Web based sign up

• SMS and Email marketing capabilities

• Single or Multi Site Functionality

• Customer Tracking Analysis

• Secure Online Database

• Live Sales and Loyalty Sales data

• Loyalty customer activity can be tracked at POS via card or barcode or other identification means with each transaction. This ID can also be used as a gift card

• Points can be accrued or redeemed and/or a discount applied

• Prize Draws and Jackpots

• Pick up a “card” at a site and use it immediately with the collection of your mobile number or email

• Receive a welcome SMS or email and activate the card by its first use

• Signup process is paperless. Control customer information through specification of mandatory fields

• Customers receive a link within their welcome message and are requested to log on to the website to complete the required information. Customers can be given incentives to complete the information or a restriction until information has been completed

• Offers can be made to customers by SMS/ Email. The system can measure how many members respond to the offers

• Specific loyalty promotions can be targeted by demographics.

• Track your customers purchases and target your marketing to them accordingly

Reward customers by instant gratification through reduced cost (redemption or discount) of your products relevant to them. Make the benefit instantly relevant to the customer.


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